Board of Directors Meeting
May 20, 2008

Present:  Jim Cooper - President,  Ray McDermott - Director,  Blaise Simone, Secretary, Lesley Studholme - S.C.M.  & Wil Leister.   

President Jim called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   


The minutes of the meeting of March 18, 2008 were read by Blaise Simone.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes.  Blaise seconded and all were in favor.


Lesley Studholme - gave an overview of the financials for the March/April period.  The report consisted of income and expenditures with the bottom line in each account.  Collection for delinquent accounts were discussed and procedures for collection.  There was discussion that the C.Dís are expiring the 30th of May.     Blaise made the motion to accept the Treasurers Report, Ray seconded and all were in favor.

Renewal of the C.D.ís -  Ray McDermott contacted each bank that CPO has accounts with to determine the best investment for renewal.  Coastal still seems to be the best at 3.5 for 7 months.  However, this is a special and might not be available at the termination.  Blaise made a motion that if the special of 3.5 is still available at Coastal, Ray has authorization to renew on the 30th.  However, if it is not available, Ray can withdraw the money and reinvest in a different account bearing the best interest.  The full amount of the C.D.ís including interest to be reinvested is $17,102.85.  Ray seconded and all were in favor.

It was also discussed that S.C.M. will arrange for the current B.O.D. to attend each bank or bring the forms to the next meeting  to update signing authority.  


Lesley Studholme submitted the managerís report which consists of the tracking of non compliance issues in Copperfield.  Most of the infractions were lawns since we are having such a dry spell.    The overall consensus is that the community looks good. 

There was also discussion on the foreclosures.  Only 1 at this point is seriously delinquent and cannot be collected.  The others are current.  

There are also, 2 other properties that are seriously delinquent.  Lesley has sent them 14 days notices or they will be subject to attorney fees.   It was agreed that the CPO will absorb the credit card convenience charge if SCM can get the outstanding maintenance fees paid by credit card.  Lesley indicated that presently there are 3 in Copperfield at some point in the foreclosure process.  

There are 7 outstanding collections at this time.

SCM indicated that accepting credit card payments for maintenance fees is an option as long as the owner pays the convenience fee.  Ray McDermott suggested different options with advance payments having the CC fee absorbed by the CPO - but adding the fee to the quarterly for the owner to pay.  It will be tabled for further discussion.


ARC /ARCCĖ  Jim gave the report which was submitted by Wil Leister .  There are 9  ARAís -4 of which are completed and 5 which are not completed.  The full report is attached.


Ray McDermott reported that the pepper trees still need to be cut however, the importance is on a hold due to such dry conditions.  The palm trees and cottonwoods at the entrance need to be trimmed.  Mulch is needed again for the entrance and Indian Hawthorne.  Ray will ask for a price from Vance for the mulch and Hawthornes and Leland to trim the trees.  It was agreed that the work needs to get done.

Filling the washout around the storm drain at the end of Hedgerow was discussed.  Chris Brogan had contacted some people to provide bids.  This issue is tabled until further discussion with Chris.  

It was mentioned that Southern Greens is having no problem mowing as the residents are not leaving toys etc. in the way.  Also they have been able to mow further into the tree line with the dry conditions.


Wil Leister indicated that he can have 2 Christmas tree forms built to replace the wreath.  They are 3/8Ē corregated steel, powder coated green, will be covered in lighted garland and will last for years.  The price is $100.00 each.  Blaise made the motion to authorize Wil to go ahead, Ray seconded and all were in favor.


Lesley indicated that she has started having the approved minutes posted on the web site.

Blaise made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Ray seconded and all were in favor 8:40 pm