Board of Directors Meeting
March 23, 2010

Present: Jim Cooper-President, Chris Brogan- Vice president, Ray McDermott-Director , Lesley Studholme- SCM, Blaise Simone-Secretary & Alma McBride – Treasurer.

Guests- Wil Leister, Steve Nealon and Gary Neff

Jim Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   

The minutes of the meeting of January were read by Blaise Simone.  Note:  change to date Feb. 16.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Alma seconded and all were in favor. 

The January report was read by Alma McBride.  February report is tabled until the April meeting.  Blaise made the motion to accept the January report, Chris seconded and all were in favor.

Alma indicated that she has received the compilation for 2009 and will review.

Lesley Studholme submitted the manager’s report which consists of the tracking of non compliance issues in Copperfield.   Several properties were discussed as to the status of the lawn and berm.  It was also noted that 1835 Abbeyridge still has the Xmas lights up.

It was decided that the April meeting is tentatively set for the 4th week.


ARC–   and  ARCC-    Chris Brogan indicated that 5 ARA’s  have been approved, 3 are completed and 2 are not complete.

Ray McDermott stated that there was nothing to report

Pepper Tree Follow up- Ray McDermott indicated that the fence is complete with 1 part owned by Copperfield.  The section is removable and cost $275.00.
It was discussed that the area (tract g) will need attention at some point because of the embankment.  Chris talked to Thad Johnson who suggested dropping 25 loads of fill and then take another look.  The fill would cost $3500.00.  This has been tabled for now.

Entrance spot lights and outlets- The job is complete.  Many thanks to Wil Leister, Blaise Simone and Richard Saywell for all of their efforts.  The Christmas lights will now be safe.  This cost was $216.82.

Website- Chris suggested that Wil Leister be added as a point of contact for the web site.  The Contacts are Ray McDermott, Chris Brogan and Wil Leister.  It was noted that costs should be kept to a minimum.

Pit Bulls- There was discussion on whether to send a follow up letter to an owner who reportedly has a pit bull.  There has been no response from the owner after being served the first letter.  It is not clear if the dog is really a pit bull and the board would like clarification.  SCM will send a follow up letter requesting a response from the owner.

Yard Sale – Ray indicated that the yard sale was a success and expressed sincere thanks to Cheryl Nealon who heads it up.  It was also requested that she remove the preview date and make the sale Friday and Saturday for next year’s ad.

Meeting location – Ray suggested moving the location for the meeting due to the quarantine and various changes in rooms at the Health Center.  Several options were considered.  The most likely would be the Moose Lodge since it is available and dinner could be an option before the meetings.  Ray asked that others look around for additional options.

Gary Neff stated that Southern Greens is not cutting the pond area to the berm as was agreed.  S.C.M. will call and request they cut the area regularly.

Ray made the motion to adjourn at 8:40, Chris seconded and all were in favor.