Board of Directors Meeting
August 24, 2010

Present: Chris Brogan- Vice President, Alma McBride – Treasurer, Ray McDermott-Director  & Lesley Studholme- SCM.   Not Present –Biagio Simone – Secretary, Jim Cooper- President- a quorum was established

Guests- Will Leister, Gary Neff, & Nancy Young

Chris Brogan called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   

The minutes of the meeting of July were read by Chris Brogan.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Alma seconded and all were in favor. 


The April and May, June & July reports were reviewed  by Alma McBride.  She gave an overview of including the  checking, reserve and CD accounts for each month.  The reports are attached and made a part of these minutes.  Ray made the motion to accept all of the reports April through July.  Chris seconded and all were in favor.  


Lesley Studholme submitted the manager’s report which consists of tracking non compliance issues in Copperfield.  Many owners have responded and the properties are either being worked on, completed or in the attorney’s hands. 
The report is attached and made a part of these minutes.
ARC–   Wil Leister indicated there was no new activity since the last report.

ARCC-    Tom Loshe did submit an  ARCC report which is attached and made a part these minutes.


Ray McDermott – Ray indicated that he is going to ask Lance for mulch to be put at the entrance. 

OLD BUSINESS-  There was no old business to discuss


Nancy Young was present at the meeting to discuss the ARA she had submitted regarding the plantings (Papaya and vegetables) at her mailbox.  She produced several letters of approval from various neighbors.  Ms Young indicated that the papaya was imported from the Amazon and will not grow in the north side of her yard as was proposed by Wil Leister.  She also pointed out that it does not overlap the side walk or the street.  She maintains it and cleans up the leaves etc as they fall.  

Chris Brogan explained that a complaint was issued which is why this is being discussed.  It was determined that her ARA was submitted and rejected by the ARC committee.  Wil Leister indicated that it was rejected for 4 reasons.  These reasons are as follows:

  • The county will not approve trees in the ROSW therefore the ARC cannot approve.
  • The papaya is a litter tree
  • The root is 1 to 1 1/2 in diameter and goes under the side walk and will penetrate the curbing and side walk.
  • An ARA was not submitted until after the tree was planted.
Wil indicated that the only solution is to remove the tree.  Ms. Young expressed extreme hardship at the loss of her tree.

Chris directed the board to vote on whether to override the ARC’s decision.   Alma recommended that the decision to vote be tabled until the other board members could be present.  It will take 2/3 of the board’s vote to over ride the ARC ‘s decision.

Chris made the motion to postpone the vote until the next meeting, Alma seconded and all were in favor.

Further business was reported by Chris that Vance might be retiring from the business.

Also, Chris got a third quote from Thurow Ground Landscape which might save the community approximately $75.00 per month.  Chris recommended sending Southern Greens notice that COP may be terminating the agreement.  Chris spoke highly of RAG Landscape and stated they have been very patient waiting for an answer.  Ray reported that Southern Greens have not been given the opportunity to submit a new bid and have not even been contacted.  Much discussion continued.   Chris made the motion that the Board of Directors will make a decision to keep the current landscape company or select another one at the next meeting.  Alma seconded all were in favor.

Lesley was asked to formulate a letter to Southern Greens indicating that because of complaints regarding the dry lake area and budgeting concerns, other bids are being reviewed for the landscape contract.  It was also suggested that Southern Greens be given the opportunity to review their bid.


Chris made the motion to adjourn, Ray seconded and all were in favor at 8:47 p.m