Board of Directors Meeting
October 26, 2010

Chris Brogan- Vice President, Biagio Simone – Secretary, Ray McDermott-Director, Alma McBride-Treasurer & Lesley Studholme- SCM.   Not Present Jim Cooper - President - a quorum was established
Guests- Will Leister

Chris Brogan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   

The minutes of the meeting of September were read by Biagio Simone.  Ray made the motion to accept the minutes as read, Alma seconded and all were in favor. 


The treasurer’s report for August and September were reviewed by Alma McBride.  She gave an overview of the Wachovia checking and Fidelity Reserve and CD accounts for each subsequent month.  The reports are to be an integral part of these minutes.  Biagio made the motion to accept the reports as presented, Ray seconded and all were in favor.  


Lesley Studholme submitted the manager’s report which consists of tracking non compliance issues in Copperfield.  Many owners have responded and the properties are either being worked on, completed or in the attorney’s hands. 
The report is attached and made a part of these minutes.
ARC–   Chris Brogan indicated 4 ARA’s were received, approved and completed.

ARCC-    Tom Loshe submitted an ARCC report –included the above ARC.


Ray McDermott – reported that Southern Greens placed mulch at the entrance.  Biago, Ray and Chris met with Southern Greens to clarify the job expectations for the pepper tree trimming.  The trees and bushes were trimmed at the retention pond and at the end of Heather Stone.  Ray will be getting a follow up from Southern Greens as to the proposed maintenance plan.


2011 Budget – The proposed budget was presented by SCM.  It was indicated that there would be no increase for the coming year.  Most expenses would be the same in the coming year with a small shuffle of money from one line item to another.
Wil Leister asked Alma if she had reviewed the proposed budget wherein she indicated that she was in favor and there hopefully would be no unexpected expenses.
Biagio made the motion to accept the proposed budged as presented, Ray seconded and all were in favor.  It was discussed that one position on the board is coming up for renewal – Ray McDermott.  Ray has agreed to run for another term if elected.


Wil Leister indicated that he had a replacement candidate for the ARC committee.  Carolyn McDermott volunteered to fill the vacancy of Bob Defeis.  Chris made the motion to put Carolyn on the ARC committee, Biagio seconded, Ray McDermott abstained,  Chris and Alma were in favor.

GENERAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS-   Will Leister requested that 637 Heather Stone be sent a notice of non compliance and an ARA for stepping stones.

Chris asked if the BOD wanted to entertain the idea of a fall garage sale.

Chris also asked if the BOD would consider approving a color for fencing.  It was indicated that high pressure cleaning with a clear stain is the approved method at this time.

Ray made the motion to adjourn,  Biagio seconded and all were in favor at 8:12 p.m