NOVEMBER 17, 2010

Present – Jim Cooper- President, Ray McDermott - Director, Biagio Simone- Secretary and Chris Brogan - Vice President.  Alma McBride, Treasurer was absent.

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by President Jim Cooper at the Health Center of Merritt Island.

1.  Appointment of the Election Inspectors:  Jim Cooper requested any nominations from the floor.  There were no other nominations and the election was won by default.

2.  Certifying of Quorum:  Roll Call/Call to Order:  The first order of business was the calling of the roll and the certifying of the proxies.  Lesley Studholme reported that there were 29 proxies and 5 owners were present.  A quorum was declared.

3.  Verify Proof of Notice of the Meeting:  Proof of notice of the meeting was called for by the Vice President.  Lesley Studholme of Space Coast Management, Inc. attested that the Notice of the Annual Meeting had been mailed on October 27, 2010.  The Affidavit for Proof of Notice will be included as permanent part of the Association’s official records.  Chris Brogan affirmed that he posted the Notice of Meeting sign.  

4.  Election of the Officers:  There was 1 open positions on the Board of Directors.  Nominations from the floor were called for.  There were no nominations from the floor.   With no further nominations, an election was deemed not necessary, and it was declared Ray McDermott retain his position as director on the board for Copperfield Property Owners Association.  

5. Reading and Disposition of the Minutes from the Last Annual Meeting - The minutes of November 18, 2009 meeting were read by Biagio Simone.  A motion was made by Ray McDermott and seconded by Chris Brogan to accept the minutes as read.  All were in favor. 

6.  Report of the Officers:

a. Ray McDermott – thanked Wil Leister and the ARC for their continued efforts. He commented that they have a tough job since they have to deal with residents on delicate issues.   He also thanked his fellow members of the board and mentioned that it can be a very difficult job and its hard to get people to volunteer.  Ray thanked Lesley and her office staff for making their job easier.  Ray enumerated the Board’s accomplishments over the past year.  This year the lawn maintenance contract was renegotiated with a reduction in cost and clarification of work expectancies.  There were also new lights and outlets installed at the entrance and noted that on Nov. 27th Wil and company will be doing the Christmas decorations.  The pepper trees were trimmed around the pond with a maintenance contract under negotiations.  A fence was also installed in cooperation with Steve Saretsky who initiated and paid for his portion.

b. Biagio Simone –  Extended thanks to Chris for getting the quotes and Ray for organizing and getting the work done at the entrance and pepper trees.  He also extended his gratitude to Wil and the ARC for all of their efforts as well as Lesley and the SCM staff for their hard and continuous work.

c.. Chris Brogan – commented on what a great safe community Copperfield is for kids and residents.  He indicated that it is not without growing pains just the same as other communities do.  He mentioned that the community will face challenges in as much as the new water restrictions.  The documents might have to be reviewed to allow for different plantings.  He wanted to extend to Wil and the ARC a special thanks for all of the work he does.   Chris also thanked the other board members and commented on different possibilities to entice future volunteers.  He stated that he enjoys serving on the board and looks forward to another beneficial year.  

d.. Jim Cooper – stated that the board takes the responsibility of Copperfield seriously even though it has it fun times.  He reminisced when the dining room would be full to capacity for the annual meeting and indicated that it must be a sign that people are happy with the community.  He thanked Wil for all of his work and especially Pauline.  He also thanked Ray for taking on the landscape committee and Lesley for all of the work SCM does over the year.


There was no old business to be discussed.


here were no questions regarding the budget. It was noted that the fees did not have to be raised and the reserve remain to be healthy. Ray McDermott made a motion to accept the budget for 2011, Chris Brogan seconded and all were in favor of accepting the budget.

Adjournment:  There being no further business before the Property owners, a motion was made by Biagio Simone and seconded by Ray McDermott to adjourn the meeting at 8:32p.m.

Biagio Simone
Secretary CPO


Wednesday November 17, 2010

There was a Board of Directors Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting to establish the Directors positions.

Date:                Wednesday November 17, 2010

Time:                Meeting convened at 8:10 p.m.

Place:                Merritt Island Health Center

The following positions were established by the new 2011 Copperfield Board of Directors.

Jim Cooper                  President

Chris Brogan               Vice President

Alma McBride              Treasurer

Biagio Simone              Secretary

Ray McDermott            Director

Adjournment 8:15 p.m.