Board of Directors Meeting
September 20, 2011

Present were:  Jim Cooper – President, Chris Brogan- Vice President, Biagio Simone – Secretary, Ray McDermott – Director, Alma McBride - Treasurer & Lesley Studholme- SCM.  A quorum was established

Guests- Lynn Riley- Chairperson ARC

Jim Cooper called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   

The minutes of the meeting of August , 2011 were read by Biagio Simone. Alma made the motion to accept the minutes, Ray seconded and all were in favor. 

The treasurer’s report for the August  period was given by Alma McBride- She provided details on the deposits, with drawls and ending balance for the Wells Fargo checking account.    She then included the Fidelity Reserve account deposit, interest and balance.  Blaise made the motion to accept the report as provided, Ray seconded and all were in favor.   The reports are to be made an integral part of these minutes.  

Lesley Studholme of Space Coast Management submitted the manager’s reports for August.  This report consists of tracking non compliance issues in Copperfield.  The list of non compliance letters was substantially lower in August.  Many owners have responded and the properties are either being worked on, or completed.   The one remaining property that was turned over to the attorney has responded that they will lay new sod in October.  Only 3 delinquent maintenance fees are seriously outstanding which 2 are currently under bank foreclosure.  

The new owner of 2025 Worchester sent a prorated portion of their dues since they did not take ownership until mid quarter.  Lesley asked the BOD for the status on  collecting the previous outstanding portion from the seller who is a lending institution.  The BOD replied that it is the new owner’s responsibility to pay all delinquencies since the maintenance fees run with the property and not the owner.  The new owner can contact the organization she purchased the property from for reimbursement.  Lesley will contact the new owner with the Board of Directors determination.

ARC–   Chris Brogan indicated that there was 1 ARA for the August time period.  It has been approved.
ARCC-    Tom Loshe did submitted  an ARCC report which represents the previous month.  This report  is an integral part of these minutes.


Ray McDermott –indicated the entrance has been mulched, cleaned and pressure washed.  Next month is the quarterly trim of peppertrees which was agreed upon with Southern Greens.  Ray will walk the area prior to the cutting to check on the maintenance of the area as it gets closer.


1811 Abbeyridge –Lynn Riley – ARC Chair person  reported that new owner of 1811 Abbeyridge is staying in touch as far as when building will take place etc.


Lynn Riley – ARC Chair person requested the Board of Directors approve Chris Saretsky of Heather Stone as a member of the ARC.  Ray made a motion to vote Chris as an ARC member.  Chris Brogan seconded and all were in favor.

Welcome Chris Saretsky!


Jim Cooper indicated that there have been a couple of minor incidences in Copperfield.  Gas was stolen from a vehicle and a mail box was damaged.

Blaise made the motion to adjourn, Alma seconded and all were in favor at 7:45 p.m