Board of Directors Meeting
October 18, 2011

Present were:  Chris Brogan- Vice President, Biagio Simone – Secretary, Alma McBride - Treasurer & Lesley Studholme- SCM.  Absent were Jim Cooper- President & Ray McDermott - Director.  A quorum was established.

Guests- Wil Leister

Chris Brogan called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Health Center of Merritt Island.   

The minutes of the meeting of September 20, 2011 were read by Biagio Simone. Chris made the motion to accept the minutes, Alma seconded and all were in favor. 

The treasurer’s report for the September period was given by Alma McBride- She provided details on the deposits, with drawls and ending balance for the Wells Fargo checking account.    She then included the Fidelity Reserve account deposit, interest and balance.  Biagio made the motion to accept the report as provided, Chris seconded and all were in favor.   The reports are to be made an integral part of these minutes.  

Lesley Studholme of Space Coast Management submitted the manager’s reports for August.  This report consists of tracking non compliance issues in Copperfield.  The list of non compliance letters was higher in September however most of the 3rd notice residents have or are complying. Other owners have responded and the issues are either being worked on, or completed.  There are still three delinquent maintenance fees seriously outstanding. Two are currently under bank foreclosure.  

ARC–   Chris Brogan indicated that there was 1 ARA for the September period.  It was on the spot approved and is being completed
ARCC-    Tom Loshe did submit an ARCC report which represents September.  This report is an integral part of these minutes.


Biagio Simone – indicated that he and Ray walked with Southern Greens to see the progress of trimming back to the pond.  He indicated that Southern Greens seem to be doing a good job.


It was agreed by Alma McBride and Biagio Simone they will run for another term on the Board of Directors.


a) Biagio indicated that at the north side of the pond there is a depression just above the outlet to the pond.  He stated it might be a weak spot in the drain pipe below.  Chris had a different opinion.  It was noted that Southern Greens informed Ray that at the south side of the big drain it is starting to erode.   This will  be addressed at a later date.
b) It was briefly discussed the possibility of restricting use and limiting of the retention pond area from the residences backing onto the pond.  Further discussion will incur when the full board is present.
c) pontoon boat has been moved
d) the board indicated that the police should be called to report an abandoned car or one that has been sitting for an extended period on the road side.
e) the 2012 budget was presented to the Board of Directors upon Alma’s review.  After the boards review Chris made a motion to accept the proposed 2012 budget, Biagio seconded and all were in favor.

It was discussed whether a blank ARA should be included in the annual mail out but was determined that it would be better to be discussed in the newsletter billing.  Further discussion will continue once Lynn Riley the Chairperson is present.


Blaise made the motion to adjourn, Alma seconded and all were in favor at 7:51 p.m