NOVEMBER 16, 2011



Present –Ray McDermott - Director, Biagio Simone- Secretary, Chris Brogan - Vice President. & Alma McBride- Treasurer.  Jim Cooper- President was absent.


The meeting was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by Vice President Chris Brogan at the Health Center of Merritt Island.


1.  Appointment of the Election Inspectors:  Chris Brogan requested any nominations from the floor and declared that Biagio Simone and Alma McBride’s terms were open.  There was one nomination from the floor. 


2.  Certifying of Quorum:  Roll Call/Call to Order:  The first order of business was the calling of the roll and the certifying of the proxies.  Lesley Studholme reported that there were 33 proxies and 5 owners were present.  A quorum was declared.


3.  Verify Proof of Notice of the Meeting:  Proof of notice of the meeting was called for by the Vice President.  Lesley Studholme of Space Coast Management, Inc. attested that the Notice of the Annual Meeting had been mailed on October 22, 2010.  The Affidavit for Proof of Notice will be included as permanent part of the Association’s official records.  Chris Brogan affirmed that he posted the Notice of Meeting sign. 


4.  Election of the Officers:  There were 2 open positions on the Board of Directors.  Nominations from the floor were called for.  Since Alma McBride will not run for another term, Will Leister nominated Maurice Cronin of 1847 Abbeyridge.  Biagio Simone has accepted another term.  There were no other nominations and the election was won by default.  Maurice Cronin has accepted the term. 


5. Reading and Disposition of the Minutes from the Last Annual Meeting - The minutes of November 17, 2010 meeting were read by Biagio Simone.  A motion was made by Ray McDermott and seconded by Alma McBride to accept the minutes as read.  All were in favor.


6.  Report of the Officers:


a. Ray McDermott – Thanked  Space Coast Management for a great job over the last year.  He also thanked his fellow board members as well as Biagio who has agreed to stay on for another term.  Ray extended his warm wishes to Alma for her time as treasurer.  He also extended his appreciation to Lynn Riley, Chairperson and the other ARC members including Chris Saretsky, Tom Loshe, Chris Brogan and Carolyn McDermott.  He extended a special thank you to Will Leister for his continued involvement in advising and counselling the ARC committee as well as thanks to Pauline and the elves for the Christmas decorating.


b. Biagio Simone –  Extended thanks to Alma and also all of the committees for handling some difficult situations over the past year which resulted in several accomplishments.  He also thanked the rest of the Board of Directors and the new “sign maintenance” committee for the new “C” at the entrance.  He also extended his is gratitude to Will for being a great inspiration to the ARC and the Board.


c.. Chris Brogan – commented on everyone having a busy and successful year.  Some issues had learning curves with one being a new home coming up for construction.  Chris also thanked Lesley and her staff for a job well done.  He indicated that Will has been invaluable to the Board of Directors and a great participant.  Will goes above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated.  The year has proven to be successful with many goals accomplished. 


d. Alma McBride – stated she has enjoyed her term on the board.  She indicated that she appreciates the understanding she now has and she will miss everyone.



There was no old business to be discussed.




There were no questions regarding the budget. It was noted that the fees did not have to be raised and the reserve remains to be healthy. Biagio Simone made a motion to accept the budget for 2011, Ray McDermott seconded and all were in favor of accepting the budget as presented.


Adjournment:  There being no further business before the Property owners, a motion was made by Biagio Simone and seconded by Ray McDermott to adjourn the meeting at 8:03p.m.




Biagio Simone

Secretary CPO




Wednesday November 16, 2010


There was a Board of Directors Meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting to establish the Directors positions.


Date:                Wednesday November 16, 2011


Time:                Meeting convened at 8:05 p.m.


Place:                Merritt Island Health Center


The following positions were established by the new 2012 Copperfield Board of Directors.


Jim Cooper                  President


Chris Brogan               Vice President


Maurice Cronin           Treasurer


Biagio Simone              Secretary


Ray McDermott            Director


Adjournment 8:10 p.m.