Copperfield Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 18, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Present:  Chris Saretsky, Jim Cooper, Denis Riley and Ray McDermott. Also in attendance: Bob Springer, Will Leister and Angela Walker with TCB Property Management.  

Minutes of the February 18, 2014 meeting were reviewed by the Board.  Ray McDernott made a motion to approve the February 18, 2014 minutes; Denis Riley seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: 
Denis Riley gave a verbal overview of the Association’s financial standing as of February 28, 2014. Ray McDermott made a motion to approve the Treasure’s Report; Denis Riley seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously by voice vote. 

Manager’s Report:
 Management reported that: 

  • The Copperfield Amendments filed with the state have been mailed to each Homeowner.
  • Each Homeowner received a copy of the Copperfield POA spring newsletter along with their second quarter statement.
  • Cut back of the Pepper trees has been completed. 
Committee Reports: ARC & ARCC – Chris Saretsky read the list of approved architectural applications.

Landscape Committee Report:  Management reported the Robellini Palm is still being treated by Southern Greens Landscaping.  
Old Business: Governing Documents review. The Board discussed strengthening the Copperfield Governing Documents. It was decided that it would be best to obtain legal advice before moving forward.

New Business: 

  • Planning a meeting with Clayton & McCulloh regarding collections services and document revisions. Ray McDermott stated that a meeting with Wendy at Clayton & McCulloh could be arranged at no charge to the Association to discuss collection matters. The Board agreed for Ray McDermott to contact Wendy and Brain Hess at Clayton & McCulloh to arrange these meetings. 
  • Discussion of the request by Clayton & McCulloh for a motion on collection action and cost associated with that action. The Board decided to table the collection action until after the meeting with Wendy at Clayton & McCulloh.
  • New Homeowner’s: Ray McDermott presented management with a letter for new homeowners and asked that a copy of the letter be sent to all new homeowners once the Warranty Deed is received by the TCB Property Management office.
Motion was made by Denis Riley to adjourn; Ray McDermott seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously by voice vote at 7:50 p.m.