Copperfield Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Merritt Island Health Center
500 Crockett Blvd, Merritt Island
February 24, 2015 at 7:00PM

Kelly Stanton called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Present:  Alyse Avitabile, Kelly Stanton, Karen Lentz and Charlie Abell.   Jim Cooper was absent. Also in attendance: 9 members indicated by sign in sheet, and Renae Foster with TCB Property Management.

Karen Lentz made a motion to accept the January 20, 2015 Board of Director Meeting minutes as presented.  Charlie Abell seconded the motion and the motion was approved unanimously by voice vote.

Old Business:

Update on Properties in Arrears: Kelly Stanton reported that one of the properties in arrears has paid in full as of today.  In addition, Kelly reported that as a result of the discussion at the previous meeting regarding the home the Association has taken title to, the Board conferred with legal counsel regarding the likelihood of recouping all costs involved with fixing up the house by renting it out.  Clayton & McCulloh’s opinion was that we wouldn’t be able to rent it long enough for it to be cost effective to make the necessary repairs, so the Board has abandoned pursuing that avenue for the time being.

New Resolution to Change Ballot Procedure for Annual Meeting:  Charlie Abell reported that since the ballot procedure is in the Documents, in order to change the current procedure, we would have to make an amendment to the Documents.  Clayton & McCulloh would prepare the Amendment, which would then be mailed to all owners along with a special meeting notice, and voted on by the membership.

Unapproved ARC House Painting Appeal:  Kelly Stanton advised that a violation letter was mailed to the owner on January 20, 2015.  The homeowner responded with a letter of appeal.  The Board instructed the homeowner that the appeal would be heard at the Board of Directors meeting, and that the homeowner would need to request to be added to the Agenda via TCB.  After the Board reported the action taken up to this point, and some discussion from the homeowner, this item has been tabled until the Board can investigate further and review the color palette that Rita has.

Home with Tarp: Karen Lentz reported that the insurance adjuster had visited the house, and the roofer has been notified and the home will be put on the schedule.  It will hopefully be completed sometime in March.

New Fence Resolution:  The ARC presented 3 resolutions to the Board for review.  This item has been tabled for the next meeting when Kelly can bring copies for everyone to review.

ARC Architectural Guidelines Review/Update:  Kelly Stanton will have it out by email to review by Sunday.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.

Monthly Activity Summary:








625 Heather Stone

Vinyl Fence




1844 Abbeyridge

New pool w/ screen enclosure




2197 Hedgerow

Outside garage lights




1831 Abbeyridge

Reshingle roof




657 Heather Stone

New roof




2197 Hedgerow

Roof replacement




2140 Hedgerow

New fence



Landscape Committee Report:  All of the entrance palms are in need of professional trimming.  Ray McDermott has spoken with Leland Tree Trimming who will be by sometime this week to give a quote.  If the quote is more than $500, Ray will get two additional quotes to compare.  Also, several of the median Indian Hawthorns look like they are dead or dying.  We are waiting to see if they recover, and if not, they will need to be replaced.

New Business:

Reserve Analysis:  Alyse Avitable gave a general review of her analysis on the reserve account so far. At this point, she is still working to try to figure out exactly what the Association is responsible for so she can complete her analysis.

Late Payment Policy:  After a homeowner is behind by two quarters, they will receive a demand letter, via certified mail, from TCB demanding payment within 45 days.  If they have not paid within 45 days, the Board will decide whether they are sent to Clayton & McCulloh for collections.

Driveway Extension on Hedgerow:  A new owner put mulch along driveway to allow for additional parking so they didn’t have to park in the street without an approved ARA.  The ARC Guidelines do not specifically address material on driveway extensions.  This item has been tabled until the next meeting when the Board and ARC have had time to research.

Burnt Out Irrigation Pump:  Southern Greens contacted TCB earlier today to report that the irrigation pump is burning out, and that it needs to be replaced.  For the time being, they have turned it off to avoid additional damage, and provided a quote of $720 to replace it.  Ray McDermott will get two additional quotes, and Charlie will also get a quote from a vendor he knows.

Charter’s Tabled from January:  Tabled until March.

Annual Yard Sale: The Annual Yard Sale will be held on March 27 / 28.  Ads will be placed in Florida Today, on Craigslist and on various Facebook community sites, along with fliers being handed out and signs put up.

Next Meeting:  Kelly will email the Board to decide on a date.

Adjournment:  Charlie Abell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:32PM.  Karen Lentz seconded the motion and the motion was passed unanimously by voice vote.