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Board of Directors meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at Solaris Health Center of Merritt Island at 7:00PM in the Training Room. Easy directions - drive / park all the way around to the back and the entrance door is right next to the classroom.  The meeting is posted on a sign board at the entrance 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Possibly you have just moved into the community and are not aware that Copperfield is a Deed Restricted Community.  Every homeowner should have a copy of the Copperfield Homeowners Association Documents before closing on their property. These documents include all the restrictions that apply to this community. If you do not have a copy of these documents, contact TCB Property Management, toll free 888-542-1555 and they will supply you with a copy.

By living in a deed-restricted community each homeowner is legally obligated to keep the outside design of their home and surrounding landscaping within the guidelines of the covenants and restrictions that are part of our deeds which are recorded at the County Court House. We have a Board of Directors elected from our Copperfield community. The Board is authorized to enforce these guidelines legally, with the assistance of TCB Property Management.

If you need clarification of these restrictions come to a Board of Directors meeting or contact TCB Property Management. Maintaining our community is important to all of us.  If we are diligent in the enforcement of the Property Owners Association Documents, not only will our community stay beautiful, but we can also maintain and increase property value.  Please remember if you have questions either contact TCB Property Management or come to a Board of Directors meeting.

The Mosquito Control Department will respond to requests for spraying of the neighborhood if you call.  If the mosquitoes are getting to you when you’re working outside, give them a call at 321-264-5032.

You can save yourself and others much aggravation by having the water, electric, gas and cable lines on his property located before you or a contractor dig on your property.  Either visit https://www.sunshine811.com/ or call 811, or the toll free number for all utilities:  1-800-432-4770.  So… before you dig….make that call. It may save you a lot of aggravation and expense. 

Most faucet manufacturers including Moen, Delta, Kohler and Price Pfister now come with a lifetime warranty and have toll free support phone numbers that can help you with a faucet problem and usually supply the needed repair parts free. 

The following are the customer service assistance phone numbers for the most popular manufacturers of faucets:
   Delta  1-800-345-DELTA                                       Kohler  1-800-4 KOHLER
   Price Pfister 1-800-PFAUCET                              Moen  1-800-289-MOEN

There is no waste collection when the collection day falls on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas. If you have a question about your trash collection or problems visit Waste Management at https://www.cocoafl.org/484/Solid-Waste-Management or call 636-6894. They are very helpful and responded promptly. They have an answering service to respond to problems and questions after normal business hours.

“According to County Code 316.1945(1)(a) 2., stopping, parking or standing on sidewalks (even the portion that crosses the driveway) is prohibited and can be enforced by the Sheriff's Office or by calling County Code Enforcement at 633-2086.  These are pedestrian right-of-ways and should not be blocked.”

 If you repeatedly find a vehicle blocking the sidewalk you may call County Code Enforcement and file a complaint or the Sheriff’s Department non-emergency number 264-5100.

With many residents installing wells to water their lawns, rust stains on driveways, sidewalks and home sidewalls are becoming a noticeable problem.  

Rust comes from the iron dissolved in the well water and can only be removed through the installation of an iron filter or the addition of chemicals to the water before it is applied to the lawn. Both of these methods have high initial and ongoing maintenance costs. This is not a cost effective solution for the large quantities of water used to water your lawn.

A better approach is to remove the stains when they become unsightly. This can be easily accomplished with a number of products on the market. A weak acid solution, usually oxalic acid works very well. This is found in products such as Rustaid and Snowcap They are applied with hand held sprayers that you use to apply liquid lawn chemicals. The stains quickly disappear with little additional effort. If you wish to do a little better job, follow up by cleaning with a pressure washer. These products are available in the plumbing departments of Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.

Oxalic acid, which is highly toxic and poisonous, must be handled with care.

Architectural Review Committee
Anytime a resident desires to make changes to the outside of their home, whether it’s painting, tree removal, landscaping, fencing, addition of pool or pool screening, roof replacement, etc., they must first request approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The Architectural Review Committee is appointed by the BOD and is responsible for reviewing and approving all requests for such changes. Any Copperfield resident can volunteer to serve on the ARC.

The ARC has a Architectural Review Application (ARA) which must be completed and submitted along with appropriate plans, drawing, color samples, etc., to the ARC for review and approval before work proceeds. The ARC has an “On the Spot Approval” process established to expedite this procedure. If you have questions about this process, need an Architectural Review Application, need an “On the Spot Approval”, would like to discuss your project with the Architectural Review Committee or would like to volunteer to serve on the ARC, please contact TCB Property Management at 888-542-1555.

Speed Limit and Parking Considerations
The speed limit in Copperfield is 25 MPH. Our streets are narrow and children do ride their bikes, etc. in the streets. Do your part and observe the speed limit and keep our community streets safe. 

Avoid parking your vehicle directly opposite your neighbors on the other side of the street. This makes it difficult or impossible for emergency vehicles, trash and greens collection trucks and other large vehicle to pass safely.

Pets in Our Community
We have many dog owners in the community. It is your responsibility to keep your dog on a leash when not in your fenced yard. When you walk your animal, don’t forget to clean up after them.

Watering Restrictions
Watering restrictions continue in effect. For the latest information on the St. John’s River Water Management District water regulations visit https://www.cocoafl.org/730/Irrigation-Guidelines.