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Copperfield is a wonderful community of 159 single-family homes on Merritt Island, in Brevard County. Wide streets, close to everything, and well maintained properties are just a few of the characteristics of Copperfield.

Just far enough away from Courtenay Parkway to enjoy the quiet of Florida evenings, but close enough to make the late-night ice cream run.  Centrally located in Merritt Island, north of State Road 520, minutes from Merritt Square Mall, 15 minutes to the Beaches and 45 minutes to Orlando.

Copperfield POA Mission Statement: Manage the operations of the Association to effectively maintain the community in order to preserve property values and community spirit.

Property Manager

TCB Property Management
P.O. Box 1299
Sharpes, FL 32959
Owner: S. Freeman

Contact: Melinda Pettit
Office:  (888) 542-1555

Board of Directors

AJ Nick - President
Katie Anderson - Vice President
Mary Ann Sonnenberg - Treasurer
Kelly Stanton - Secretary
Joseph Cardali - Director

Architectural Review Committee

Mary Ann Sonnenberg
Valerie Alvarez
Cathleen Battle

Landscape Committee

Ray McDermott


Annual Members Meeting details: Third Wednesday of November at 7:30 PM.
Annual meeting is held at Solaris Health Center - 500 Crockett Blvd, Merritt Island, 32953

Bimonthly BOD Meetings details: Third Tuesday of odd numbered Months at 7:00 PM.

***********************************************************************        NOTICE:        *****************************************************************************
*********************************************        MONTHLY BOD MEETINGS TEMPORARILY BEING HELD        *********************************************
*********************************************          WEDNESDAY EVENINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE                     *****************************************

Until further notice, we are no longer meeting at Solaris Health Center for Bimonthly BOD Meetings.
All meeting details are posted on the sign board at the exit of Copperfield 48 hours prior to the meeting as well as below.
Meeting Agenda and Minutes
(See Archive Minutes for older minutes.)

Annual Members Meeting November 20
Third Wed. of Nov. @ 7:30 PM
BOD September 18
BOD July 17 @ 6 PM
Zoom Link: 
Meeting ID: 
BOD May 15: LINK 
BOD March 20
BOD January 24

BOD November 15 Annual Draft
Third Wed. of Nov. @ 7:30 PM
BOD October 17
BOD September 20
BOD July 19
BOD April 11

BOD November 16 Annual
Third Wed. of Nov. @ 7:30 PM
BOD October 18
BOD Sept 20
BOD July 19
BOD May 17
BOD March 22

BOD November 17 Annual
Third Wed. of Nov. @ 7:30 PM
BOD October 19
BOD September 21
BOD August 24
BOD June 15
BOD May 18
BOD April 20
BOD February16

BOD Nov. 18 Annual
BOD August 18
BOD July 21
BOD January 20

Useful Information

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Prior to any exterior work including painting, reroofing, changes in shrubbery, fences, painting driveways, modifying or replacing driveways or adding additions. Please submit an ARA prior to commencing work.

Reference our Guidelines: 
Architectural Standards, Rules and Regulations

Association Documents / Forms
ARA Application
Violation Flow Chart

Copperfield Governing Documents
Amendment to Declaration
Second Amendment to Declaration
Third Amendment to Declaration
Fourth Amendment to Declaration

Articles of Incorporation

Second Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
Third Amendment to Articles of Incorporation


Paver Resolution

Storm Shutter Resolution
Fences Resolution

Agreement & Exhibits

Financial Information
Financial Statement 12-31-2013
Financial Statement 12-31-2014
Financial Statement 12-31-2015

Financial Statement 12-31-2016
Financial Statement 12-31-2017
Financial Statement 12-31-2018
Financial Statement 12-31-2019
Financial Statement 12-31-2020
Financial Statement 12-31-2021

Financial Statement 12-31-2022
Financial Statement 12-31-2023

Useful Information
Yard Waste Collection Guidelines
Businesses Providing Services to Copperfield POA